EMF shielding Apron

“ShieldGreen” EMF Shielding Apron is not only the best way to protect a fetus and a pregnant woman from harmful electromagnetic environments, but it is also necessary for nurses, patients, industrial workers and lab researchers.

– Shielding performance: 35dB
– Fabric: StaRic, the compact cotton/polyester/stainless-steel fabric for the shielding of high-frequency radiation (HF) and lowfrequency electric fields (LF).
Upper: High-quality design cotton fabric

http://korean-products.com/inquiry S-Marine System is a specialized company in shielding electromagnetic waves measurement, designing, consulting and development of special material. We have supplied a silver thread and stainless thread fiber bedding, clothes that based 20-30 micro and clothing, doors and windows, gasket, wallpaper, paint. ShieldGreen’s metal fiber applied real metal wire, not plating and metalizing, and consequently, resulting in a shielding electromagnetic waves performance without allergic and metal nano-comtamination. We provide a range of shielding electromagnetic wave duvets, pillows, and blankets made from SilveRic fabric braiding special silver thread and high-quality cotton. In addition, shielding electromagnetic waves apron, nursing cover, mat, baby clothes made from StaRic fabric braiding stainless thread and cotton, polyester are available.


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