Functional Cosmetics

Forcell Co., Ltd. is an expert in highly functional cosmetics such as peeling, brightening and anti-wrinkle products. Since its foundation in 1993, Forcell has built advanced technical networks with several R&D companies based in the USA, France and South Korea to apply pharmaceutical efficacy to cosmetic products. Based on constant technical innovation, we supply customized cosmetics through one-on-one consultations. REVOX-II Soothing Skin Solution: It contains Hyaluronic acid that helps skin moisturizing as well as a wealth of plant extracts, including heartsease extract, aloe vera, centella extract, and bamboo leaf extract with outstanding soothing, purifying, moisturizing, and nutritional effects. It helps the dry and unstable skin conditions after face washing to be restored to the original state.

REVOX-II Soothing Aqua Cream: This cream makes the skin relaxed as it comfortably sticks to the skin. Besides, such contents as aloe vera, propolis and allantoin provide outstanding skin-soothing effects. The cream is quickly absorbed and strengthens/maintains the skin moisturizing coat for a long time.

REVOX-II Intensive Whitening ample: This whitening treatment product helps dull, dark skin due to freckles and blemishes to be whitened and transparent and vitalizes exhausted skin. The astounding effects of plant stem cells and vitamin activating components help revitalized aging skin and make it suppler.

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