Gijang Seaweed Products

The coastal waters of Busan’s Gijang are very deep with strong currents and high amount of sunshine, and the natural environment provides an ideal place for high-quality seaweed and sea tangle to grow. That’s why Gijang’s seaweed products are highly rated by local consumers, and they are being sold in major supermarkets across the country. To ensure that our products are reliable, our marine products have been certified, and we run a marine product traceability program. We are designated as the producer of masterpiece marine products of Busan by the Busan city government. Dried Gijang Seaweed: Gijang seaweed grown in the eastern coast with fast currents has narrower and thicker leaves, with soft and chewy taste. It does not become mushy when cooked, and stays chewy and silky, making it great for seaweed soup, seasoned seaweed, salad, etc.

Dried Gijang sea tangle: Gijang sea tangle is dried by the sea wind and sun in a traditional method, making the quality very high. With its unique sweetness and taste, it is great as a soup. Gigang sea tangle is shiny when dry, in blackish brown color, with thick leaves. It is less salty with sweetness, for strong and tasty soup.

Mixed seaweed salad: This is a seaweed salad product containing seven different types of marine plants, such as seaweed, stem seaweed, agar, pink and yellow Chondruscrispus. It’s easy to cook. Marine plants contain various vitamins and minerals, and it is very popular among women. There are two types of sauce − lemon vinegar sauce and red pepper sauce. (Seaweed 10g/sauce 40g)

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