Men’s Boxer Shorts

Most traditional 3D boxer shorts have a simple structure that fails to correspond to the change in position of the groin in accordance with the body’s movement. Therefore, the male genitalia are temporarily separated in the boxer when worn, but they easily break away from the position while the wearer is in motion, sitting or standing, thus causing discomfort. Z-ZONE, specializing in producing functional boxers for men, has solved this problem by adding a movable band inside their boxer shorts, which provides a sustained separation and comfortable wearability during body movement, including strenuous sports activities.

In addition, the boxer shorts have possible minimal contact with the body for excellent ventilation, which also reduces sweating and body odor.

Z-ZONE was founded in 2013 as a manufacturer of functional boxers for men, and it is now preparing to expand its business area into producing functional running wear, functional socks, female functional underwear and products for elderly people.

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