PE Layflat Hose

PE Layflat Hose is 25%~50% lighter than PVC Layflat Hose. These tough water-discharge hoses are made with a PE cover and reinforced high tensile PE yarn, providing great durability and strength in all working situations. It is made of recyclable & non-toxic material and 2.5% black carbon to endure severe and harsh weather conditions. PE Layflat hose can be applied to sprinkler systems as sub-main lines with high performance. Cobra one-touch fittings and Short Nipple-M.Branch can be outstanding substitutes for existing fittings. Light PE Layflat hose and easy connecting help you to install and move the Sprinkler system much more conveniently than any other system.

PE-Layflat-Hose Three different types of hose are available- HU Flat hose, Dew Flat hose and Eco Flat hose.


HU flat hose is heavier than the other two hoses and recommendable for high pressure water discharge. DEW flat hose and ECO flat hose are respectively applicable for medium pressure and lower pressure.

About the Company

Since 2000, PEFLEX has developed PE LAY FLAT HOSE for agriculture irrigation. PEFLEX’s unique technology has developed the most effective watering & irrigation system by applying polyethylene hose that is lighter than any other hose and non-toxic and recyclable.
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