UV Gel Nail

Beulah’s UV Gel nail is solvent –free professionals and general customers. Seriously concerned about people’s nail health, we removed all potentially harmful substances and used cosmeticgrade color pigments. Without etching, fi ling and bonding before applying base gel, this UV gel nail lasts for at least two weeks, No shrinkage, vivid hue in one coat and odorless. Only 15 seconds takes to be cured under LED lamp. Best products for using like general customer but best result like professional.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry BEULAH is established in Korea centered with R&D dept in company. All base for UV Gel polish we produce by our factory. Under the title of Renew, Restore, Rebuild, we are supplying the UV Gel Nail to the people who need safe and joyful. Certified ISO9001 and authenticated Test Report from KFDA nominated lab. OEM and ODM service we also offer.


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