Clothing water-repellent coating TexDry & Glass anti-pollutant coating SuperClear


[INQ. NO. 1509C16] BLUE GODL Co., Ltd. specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing waterrepellent, anti-pollutant and anti-fog coating. With the goal of becoming the world’s best company in selfcleaning technology, we have been steadily developing and releasing products that can make a big diff erence to the world. TexDry is a fabric protector exclusively for clothing and leather. TexDry’s state-of-the-art nano particles penetrate through surface and interior of fabrics or leathers, forming a coating fi lm, which protects the fabrics or leathers from water and contamination. TexDry is not a waterproof material that blocks textiles’ micropores, but a hydrophobic and fabricprotecting product that maintains textiles’ air breathability that prevents fabrics from gett ing completely wet.

Clothing-water-repellent-coating-TexDry-&-Glass-anti-pollutant-coating-SuperClear Applying SuperClear will not only prevent any water spots or water marks for cleanliness but it also keeps the surface clear and visible at all times. Spraying water on Super Hydrophilic coating makes water spread extensively and fl ow down. This is will allow water to penetrate closer to glass surface than dust and oil, which allows water to eliminate contamination eff ectively with its powerful self cleaning properties. Furthermore it also has an anti-fogging eff ect. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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