‘EDC’ Vitdam Electric Range


[INQ. NO. 1509C19] Vitdam Co., Ltd. has manufactured EDC-tech electric range which is applied for the patents in Korea, China, and Germany that can provide non-on & off heating, and energy saving function.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry Vitdam has distributed safe and convenient household appliances based on its extensive manufacturing know-how in semiconductors and electrical equipment for nearly two decades. Vitdam has continued to promote R&D activities to develop a better product and has distributed innovative EDC-tech electric ranges that can substitute for inconvenient, dangerous existing ranges.

‘EDC’-Vitdam-Electric-Range It also features safety function with an overheating-control and an automatic power supply off. Based on the latest slide onetouch technology, the Vitdam electric range can generate the level of heat that customers want right away.

In addition, Vitdam electric range does not pollute indoor air, and it does not produce any emit harmful substances. Instead, it generates far-infrared rays that are good for human health. It uses the German SCHOTT CERAN Glass and E.G.O Highlight heating element.

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