Hangover-relieving Drink


[INQ. NO. 1509C26] Dawn808 is a natural tea for hangover relief. This product has been patented in 11 countries thus far. Dawn808, made by using a mix of alders and other natural materials stimulating liver functions has been developed and brought to market after extensive experiments.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry This product was given the name ‘Dawn808’ because the manufacturer succeeded in developing it after conducting a total number of 808 experiments. Through the extensive experiments, Dawn808 is formulated to stimulate liver functions and particularly for outstanding hangover relief, which means that you can have a ‘very pleasant morning’ after drinking alcohol.

Hangover-relieving-Drink GLAMI Co., Ltd exerts all its efforts for promoting the healthy culture of the 21st century and beyond. Based on constant innovations and its own accumulated techniques,

GLAMI Co., Ltd. devotes itself to producing reliable and high-quality products using natural ingredients.

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