Hinoki Cypress Woodcraft to Provide Remarkable antibacterial and sterilizing function


[INQ. NO. 1509C07] KOOKBOGONGYE is a traditional handmade woodcraft company that has operated a three-generation family business. We are involved in promoting widely the excellence of traditional Korean crafts by actively participating in renowned domestic and overseas fairs on a regular basis.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry Almost all of the woodcrafts from KOOKBOGONGYE are produced by the traditional method of interknitting pieces of wood by hand. Particularly, we directly handle lumbering, processing Hinoki

Cypress and to producing Hinoki Cypress woodcrafts to ensure reliability of products.

The phytoncide from Hinoki Cypress provides a remarkable antibacterial and sterilizing function.

Hinoki-Cypress-Woodcraft-to-Provide-Remarkable-antibacterial-and-sterilizing-function The efficacy of Hinoki Cypress
– The anti-bacterial and insecticide properties provide relaxation effects for allergy-related disorders or atopic dermatitis
– By calming sensory lineage, it helps relieve stress and keeps your mind clear.
– It has deodorizing effects by purifying the air indoors.
– It helps calm autonomic nerves, resolving insomnia as result of promoting blood circulation and metabolism.
– The combination of anion release, moisture control and smooth oxygen supply helps promote secretion in the body and recovery of biorhythm, calming sensory lineage.

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