Liver Detox (Jeju Liver Detox Gold)


[INQ. NO. 1509C24] Jeju Sorang Co., Ltd., a silver medal winner at the Korea Patent Technology Exhibition, specializes in developing and manufacturing products using native plants of Jeju Island called myongwolcho, known to be effective in treating diabetes and beets helpful for cleansing the liver. Other products include baeknyeoncho which is good for arthritis, and liver detox products and extracts made from sugar cane, a natural sweetener. We also have an array of baked salt and garlic powder that help control the blood sugar level. Another specialty is natural seasoning made of horse meat. Jeju Sorang is striving to develop products that fit the image of the ‘well-being’ Jeju Island. One of our signature products, Jeju Liver Cleansing Gold is a beverage that cleanses the body system by removing toxins stored in our body. It is most effective when a person drinks six bottles of 180ml a day which will naturally cause the person to have diarrhea and eliminate toxins within the body. Along with clean blood, people suffering from obesity, skin disease, dry eye, cholesterol and gallstones will also benefit from taking the beverage.

Liver-Detox-(Jeju-Liver-Detox-Gold) Myeongwolcho, one of the three major regional products of Hallim-eup, Jeju and only found on Jeju Island, is known to be quite effective in treating diabetes. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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