Low-carbon & Pollution-free Agricultural Electronic Vehicle


[INQ. NO. 1509C02] Brother&partner Co. is contributing to realizing a low-carbon economy by dedicating itself to developing and producing eco-friendly and pollutionfree electric vehicles as an alternative to the internal combustion engine that causes pollution by discharging exhaust fumes into the air.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry We are also striving to promote the use of electronic cars in various fields by introducing agricultural electronic vehicles as a means of transportation in rural areas with the aging workforce.

We have recently launched ‘Dal-gu-zi,’ a pollution-free, low-carbon vehicle that can be utilized as facilities management and material handling equipment in various fields.


‘Dal-gu-zi’ Low-carbon & pollution-free agricultural e-CAR
– Acquired ‘Korea Agricultural Machine Certification’
– It is possible for people to drive without a driver’s license and it can be covered by agricultural machine insurance.
– Easy wheel type operation
– Maintenance-free battery and excellent fuel efficiency
– Excellent safety using the electronic brake system

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