Shock-absorbing Guard Rail (Safety Roller)


[INQ. NO. 1509C13] KSI has been exclusively committed to providing top-quality Traffic Safety Facility for the past 30 years with the aim of ensuring beautiful and safe roads. Main Item: Shock-absorbing Guard Rail (Safety Roller)
When a car crashes the safety roller minimizes the shock energy by transforming shock energy to rotation energy.
Certificate: Crash tested – USA (MASH TL3 and TL4), Korea (SB4, and SB5).

Shock-absorbing-Guard-Rail-(Safety-Roller) Advantages:
– Safety roller absorb the shock energy effectively by it is spinning when the car crashed the rollers.
– Dual reduction system of shock energy through metal guard and roller’s spinning
– Help a vehicle turn back to the road by roller’s spinning
– Excellent shock absorbing by EVA Roller
– Easy maintenance (Assembling construction) – it available to replace the only one roller.
– The safety roller can cover both passenger cars and trucks. The safety roller system can be designed, according to the customer’s requirements.
– LED guide lamp (Powered by solar energy)
– Highly cost-effective | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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