Therapeutic Far Infrared Heating Blanket “Waple Care Mat”

G-FAIR KOREA- [INQ. NO. 1509C14]
– Therapeutic Far Infrared heating helps you to have a restorative good night’s sleep.
– No harmful electromagnetic radiation (DC current Power heating mat)
– Safe low voltage DC current (energy saving)
– Cozy warmth, precise temperature control to 60˚C (140 Fahrenheit)
– Soft and premium stylish textile
– Very thin, flexible so you can use it on your bed mattress and bring it everywhere and machine washable

Therapeutic-Far-Infrared-Heating-Blanket-“Waple-Care-Mat” Waryong Industries Co., Ltd. was founded with the vision to develop and manufacture the most advanced and reliable health and sports equipment for global market’s needs with full experienced engineers, QC team and production staffs. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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