Vegetable Soup Teabag & Adaptogenic Korean Herbal Blending Tea

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[INQ. NO. 1509C29] Vegetable Soup Teabag
The vegetable soup teabag is the first product of its kind. The vegetable soup recipe was first invented by Dr. Tateishi Kazu. As it is known that many people using Dr. Tateishi’s vegetable soup in Japan experienced health improvement, the product is becoming highly popular with Korean consumers as well. The main ingredients of our vegetable soup teabag are fresh vegetables such as radish, radish leaves, burdock, carrot and pyogo mushroom. And, cabbage, broccoli, beet, Perillae Herba and licorice root are added for taste and color. All ingredients used in the vegetable tea have gone through roasting for savory flavor. The teabags are individually packaged and the box container has a hole in the bottom for one to easily take out the teabag.

Vegetable-Soup-Teabag-&-Adaptogenic-Korean-Herbal-Blending-Tea Adaptogenic Korean Herbal Blending Tea
With the concept of ‘healthy tea suitable for one’s body condition,’ this Adaptogenic Korean Herbal Blending Tea Set consists of four different teas – ‘tea for a good sleep each night,’ ‘hangover-relieving tea after a night of drinking,’ ‘tea for making the body full of vitality,’ and ‘tea for improving memory.’

It is made by blending Oriental medicinal ingredients with various sorts of herbs so that people of all ages can enjoy the healthy tea comfortably anytime and anywhere.

Each box container has 10 individually packaged teabags. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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