World’s First Innovative Flameless Cooking System “BAROCOOK”


[INQ. NO. 1509C03] DOKDO Co., Ltd. established in 1997, strives to provide continuously better services and innovative products. Our developer, Mr. Su hwan Ra, started to invent BAROCOOK, an innovative flameless cooking system since 2008. With our BAROCOOK & HEATING PACK, you can cook without fire, gas, electricity & fuel in various conditions such as high altitude, blowing wind, and small spaces. Therefore, we have given it the name ‘the world’s first innovative flameless cooking system.’ Our BAROCOOK is the first Korean brand to be listed, in 2014, as one of the Finalists at the BRANDNEW AWARD of ISPO, Germany’s largest and most renowned sports equipment expo.

We use BAROCOOK HEATING PACK which is made of 18 different natural materials to cook & heat up food and drink without the need for microwave, stove, fire or electricity. Water activates the BAROCOOK HEATING PACK and it will generate heat of up to 130˚C. It enables you to cook or heat up food contents within 10-25 minutes. Once cooking is completed, the BAROCOOK HEATING PACK will absorb all water and can be dumped simply, just as household waste.

Primary products: BC-004 (BAROCOOK CAFÉ 400ml) / BC-007 (BAROCOOK Rectangular 1200ml) / BC-010 (BAROCOOK Round 900ml)

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