Nano Air Purifier

Nano Air Purifier is a new concept in air purifiers, which is small in size but strong in efficiency. It removes fine dust and various unpleasant odors in our living environment by using an e-Nano film filter. It is convenient to use in every place inside the house and even inside a car by connecting it to a USB or cigar jack.

Habanero is an air purifier designed to remove fine dust around us and various kinds of odors in our living environment. Since it is small in size, it can be placed beside a table or hung on the wall to use.


Recommended applications
• Living room, Baby’s room, Bathroom, Master’s room, Sick room, Office, Study room, Karaoke room, Internet cafe, Hairdressing shop, etc.

How to make the best use of VAV
• Use VAV in a sealed place (Recommended to stop operating VAV in case of opening window for making filter use longer)
• Recommended to use VAV-Aladdin, Habanero at 15m2-21m2 in space. (Air purifier can maximizes it’s efficiency at the most suitable space)
• The direction of the purified air closer should be closer to people’s respiratory organs (VAV is small in size and round type so that user can control the direction of air inflow and discharge)
• It has the advantage of saving electricity bills and maintenance costs (VAV uses lower electric power, DC9V or 12V)
• Users can clean and replace the filter themselves.
For simple cleaning, just sucking up dirt from used filters by using a vacuum cleaner is possible.
In case of washing, it is necessary to use a liquid type detergent -> making dry -> shaking or sucking in by using vacuum cleaner are required. Then, the performance of the filter can be restored.
• VAV is a customized product that is designed to maximize its application for small spaces so, it can be used everywhere you wish.
It can provide fresh and clean air with luxury design, moderate price and the lowest maintenance fees.

Special Features of e-Nano film filter
The e-Nano film filter can block particles even smaller than 0.3 micron since this filter is designed to have positive and negative static electricity on both sides of the film layer so that it can capture the particles that have polar molecules. Also, this special filter collects most of the unwanted particles and allergens and even cigarette smoke due to its unique filter.

With only one filter use, it dramatically reduces maintenance costs as well as electric charges compare to the H-filter that consists of five layers of filters.


About the Company

AIRTEC Co., Ltd. commercialized air purifying devices that employ “e-Nano film filter” which invented first in the similar business fields. VAV air purifier strongly and effectively removes polluted indoor air that threatens the health of our families. It prevents new-house and new-car syndromes by removing fine dust (smoke, yellow dust, pollen), bad smell, germs, in particular bacteria and so on with its “e-Nano film filter. Protect your precious family against indoor air contaminants with the VAV air-purifying device. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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