Anchovies And Dried Seafood Stock Pack

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[INQ. NO. 1510C13] WONJEONG SEAFOOD has been its third generation of anchovy fishing. With its own fishing vessels, WONJEONG catches anchovies from the clean, unpolluted sea of Namhae, recognized by the U.S. FDA. The company also uses its own dock and refrigeration warehouse, which are important factors directly linked with the catch’s freshness.

Anchovies-And-Dried-Seafood-Stock-Pack WONJEONG’s main items are anchovies and dried seafood stock pack.

The anchovies containing a lot of calcium and protein are sorted into semyeol, jamyeol, somyeol, jungmyeol and daemyeol according to size. Daemyeol, which refers to the biggest size of anchovies are simmered to prepare stock or ground to use it as natural seasoning. The smaller sized anchovies are suitable for using for cooking salad and side dishes.

And, the dried seafood stock pack contains dried anchovies, kelps, and various seafood products so that you can make seafood broth with deep and special taste and flavor simply at home.

WONJEONG SEAFOOD manages all the manufacturing process ranging from fishing, boil-cooking, drying, process and packaging to distribution under the corporate philosophy of realizing ‘customer satisfaction.’ The company also continues to devote its efforts to improving the product quality. As a result, it obtained HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System) certification, QC mark (superior products recommended by South Gyeongsang provincial government), a joint brand for local marine products of Gyeongsangnam-do “Cheonggyeonghae” and a joint brand for local marine products of Sacheon city “Sacheon Bada,” archiving recongiction for its product reliability. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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