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[INQ. NO. 1510C06] The Aloe Farm Agriculture Association is located on Goeje Island off the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula, where natural conditions such as sufficient sunlight, sea breezes and the clean environment are ideal for cultivating high-quality aloe. The company directly cultivates aloe on its own farm in a 100% eco-friendly way without using agricultural chemicals. The company also makes a variety of aloe drinks by using aloe harvested from its own farm, which is very fresh, unlike other products using imported aloe that tend to be not fresh due to long transportation period. The company also runs a theme park where people can see aloes from all over the world and they can get special experiences like aloe foot bath and aloe chocolate-making event.

Korean-Aloe-Beverages http://korean-products.com/inquiry Aloenjoy is available in three different flavors: Aloenjoy S (Aloe Vera gel + strawberry flavor); Aloenjoy M (Aloe Vera gel + mango fl avor) and Aloenjoy B (Aloe Vera gel + blueberry flavor). It contains no water, no chemicals (perfume, pigment, preservatives) and no white sugar. Both children and adults can enjoy it as a healthy beverage. Capacity: 80~100ml/pack Shelf-life: 16 months

Korean-Aloe-Beverages_1 Aloe Honey Tea: This tasty tea is made by using honey and oligosaccharide only, unlike other products using white sugar. It is recommended to dilute it in hot or cold water to enjoy as tea. You can also enjoy it for cooking salador patbingsu (Korean red-bean sherbet) as a topping.

Capacity: 160~510g/bott le Shelf-life: 24 months
Main ingredients and contents: Aloe Vera gel 33 % (Korean), honey 7 %,fructooligosaccharide 31.27 %

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