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[INQ. NO. 1510C05] INSAN BAMBOO SALT Inc. was founded by Dr. Choi Eun-a, who received a Ph.D. in Oriental medicine and is the third daughter-in-law of Insan Kim Il-hun who was a doctor of Oriental medicine and created Korean bamboo salt for the first time in the world. She learned the way of making hundreds of herbal medicines and health supplementary products from Dr. Insan.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry INSAN BAMBOO SALT Inc. devotes its efforts to studying natural remedies contributing to health under Dr. Insan’s philosophy of “Save people’s lives and the world.” Based on its natural recipes, the company manufactures and sells healthy foods including bamboo salt, medicinal soy sauce SARIJANG, Yuhwang Ori (grilled mineral-fed duck) and wild ginseng tea.

Korean-INSAN-Bamboo-Salt None of INSAN’s products contain any chemicals and use only 100% natural ingredients.

The company’s key product, “INSAN Purple Bamboo Salt” is made by burning bamboo trunks stuff ed with sea salt and yellow soil nine times. In the ninth heating process, the salt is burned at more than 1,500°C. Through the process, contaminated elements are removed and active ingredients of pine trees and bamboo trees increase, thereby creating premium salt. The bamboo salt provides various health-promoting benefits such as detoxification, improvement of the immune system, anti-cancer, anti-infl ammation, fatigue relief, and sterilization. The bamboo salt also helps to neutralize the acidified body.

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