Korean Mixing Doinjang (Bean Paste)

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[INQ. NO. 1510C07] Ppakppak Doinjang (bean paste) for Mixing (for three people / 29g) is a new type of traditional fermented bean paste product which is portable and convenient and can be used for personal favors. According to quantity of water, it can be used for various cooks including doinjangjjiage (bean paste broth), doingangguk (bean paste soup), gang doinjang, bibimdoinjang, siraegiguk, and doinjangguksu.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry This product can be even cooked with cold water and users can enjoy spicy traditional doinjang mixied with steamed rice only by pouring water to the product. And there is no additional chemical seasoning so it can be used as natural mineral seasoning for various cooks.

Traditional doinjang and cheonggukjang as well as many vegetables are included in it to give homemade favors to cooks.

All the ingredients come from Korea and everyone can use it easily at anywhere even it is impossible to use fire like during travel, camping, and hiking.

Korean-Mixing-Doinjang-(Bean-Paste) It was selected as an agriculture technology development project by the Rural Development Association in 2010, registered with patent (10-1173211), and selected as Gyeongsangsamdo’s QC product.

Particularly, dried powder is packed in stick form so that it is not bulky and doesn’t smell for use at any time and any places conveniently.

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