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[INQ. NO. 1510C22] UNIVERSAL OILS Co., Ltd. specializes in high-quality cutting fluid (soluble?neat), metal deformation oil, rust preventives, metal cleaners, heat quenching fluid, industrial lubricants, grease and special products, along with good service which are for customer’s benefit. The Korean company has always respected its customers, looking forward to growing up with customers together. It has also actively made an investment in R&D and eco-friendly products to be more competitive in the world market. Through the efforts, UNIVERSAL OILS has grown into a leading company which provides high-quality cutting fluids and grant grease in Korea.

– Lubricant: Production Tank 10 (Annual production 20,000 K Ltrs)
– Grease: Production Tank 12 (Annual production 9,000 Tons)

Lubricating-Oil Facilities
Lubricant Mixing Tank for Soluble & Neat type 10 (3 ~12 K Ltrs)
Grease Reaction & Cooling Tank 8 (1.5 ~ 5 Tons)
Grease Mixing Tank 4 (3 ~ 7 Tons)
Indoor Storage Tank 11 (7.6 ~ 10 K Ltrs)
Underground Storage Tank 10 (20 K Ltrs)
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