Medicinal Herb Jangajji (Korean Pickle)

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[INQ. NO. 1510C08] Changnyeong Doriwon’s medicinal herb jangajji (traditional Korean pickle) is prepared with natural Korean medicinal herbs to give people incredibly deep flavor and special taste.

Medicinal-Herb-Jangajji-(Korean-Pickle) The Farming Association Corporation Changnyeong Doriwon is committed to promoting the excellence of Korean farm produce and fermented Korean cuisine, and as part of its efforts, the company produces jangajji with a traditional method that complies with the modernized and hygienic HACCP facility standards.

Its flagship product, the 24 Divisions (in the lunar calendar) Kwun Soo-Yul Medicinal Herb Jangajji is made by using the first batch Korean wild herbs. Carefully selected young, soft herbs are picked to provide a soft texture and unique taste of the medicinal herbs. The entire manufacturing process is carried out with heartfelt devotion.


Changnyeong Doriwon continues to strive to globalize the “Kwun Soo-Yul Medicinal Herb Jangajji,” and is sure to capture attention in the global markets. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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