Zaspero is a Swiss brand born in Zaspe called “the Pearl of the Alps. As will be noticed with its Swiss flag emblem, it is a watch brand with fine design and simple silhouette, based on the quality values of Swiss traditional crafts representing artisan spirit and accuracy.

Zaspero Swiss LLC has produced Zaspero watches through a strategic partnership with Ronda representing Swiss movements since its beginning and used the most quality components, even for the tiny parts, to ensure the most accuracy, reliability, and durability.

Watch With its classic and luxury brand image, the Zaspero watch is playing a significant role in the watch business based on its ample experience, delivering modern classic and fine gorgeous watches to active and characteristic urban stylists, and uses designs and colors for every generation.

Since its founding in 2005, Zaspero Korea has been implementing brand business with Zaspero, Marben, and Bella − based on its know-how and distribution systems efficiently developed in the Korean market and striving to introduce superior lifestyles and trends to Korean customers. The fastest growing brand with its stylish designs, the best quality, and reasonable prices, Zaspero has been on its way up, selling Zaspero, Marben, and Bella brands at about 80 watch shops including major department stores in Korea. In addition, Zaspero Korea started to import fashion watches for newer trends officially, improving brand awareness based on proactive star marketing and advertising campaigns.

With masterpiece “Swiss Made” brand images including traditional values for timeless quality and worth as well as trends, the company has been striving for the most customer satisfaction with its major brands: classic and luxury “Zaspero”, delicate detailed “Bella” which is women’s line of Zaspero, and 70-year-history Swiss traditional mechanical watch “Marben.” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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