Attachable Sunglasses for Caps

“IIDOOL” attachable/detachable sunglasses for cap provide one of best solutions to blocking all UV rays while doing outdoor activities (Blocked UV Rays: 99.9%). You can easily use it with your cap when watching or practicing sports such as baseball, golf, fishing, cycling, etc. outdoors. With the IIDOOL sunglasses, you can effectively keep you face cool and fresh, even when sweating, as the glasses do not touch your face. Furthermore, you can use it even when you wear your glasses on. It is strong and resistant against external shocks as the polycarbonate material is used for both frame/lens. It is very easy to use: you just need to attach the clip on both sides of the bill (visor), and adjust the width of the clip according to the bill (visor) and attach the sunglasses. Lastly, adjust the angle of the clip. This product is patented in the USA and it is 100% made in Korea.

Attachable-Sunglasses-for-Caps Size: Width of the bill (visor) 150-160 mm/5.9-6.3 in.
Colors: Smog (SS60), Brown (SB70), Yellow (SY80) | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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