Automatic Snow Melting Mat

GTE Co., Ltd. provides entrance snow melting mats, stair snow melting mats, FMD/ AI quarantine mats, pig heating panels and roof snow melting panels. The company’s products are sold in hardware stores and it is expanding its network of business partners around the world.

Automatic-Snow-Melting-Mat In particular, GTE’s portable outdoor snow melting mat system is an efficient and convenient way to prevent snow and ice accumulation around the home, store, and facilities. It also helps reduce slip-and-fall accidents in the winter.

The snow melting entrance and stair treads heating mat system is designed to provide safer footing during snowy winter months due to melting snow and slush. Additionally, this system provides radiant heat in entrances and vestibules, and it is also good as a work mat for working in the garage during winter months. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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