Chemical Rubber Products

San Gin Chemical Rubber Ind. is one of the leading ODM & OEM manufacturers of specified rubber products for industrial use such as gaskets, rubber packing, O-Rings, oil-seals and custom-made rubber products. The company specializes in leading-edge products and providing quality services as well as professional technical support on design and development of products tailored to meet client’s needs.

Chemical-Rubber-Products Gasket is for general use such as dust cover, air flight parts, and parts for high temperature facilities.

Rubber packing is used for electronic parts, motors, cylinder, piston parts, lighting equipment, and parts for various industrial uses.

The O Ring/ Oil Seal is used for parts for automobiles, electric machines, telecommunication devices, bidets, sanitation & health machines, lighting fixtures, military devices & machines, and general industrial machines.

Extrusion tube & hose is for water purifiers, bidets nozzles, and parts for various purposes.

Silicon sponge extrusion hose is for door gaskets, refrigerating machines, lighting fixtures, parts for construction use, and airtight containers. Resin products are used for explosion proof lighting fixtures for industrial use. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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