Desktop Metal Crafts

GNS tech has been commercializing various kinds of premium household products combining fun with art/design/ technology under its own brand of FUNZE. The major reasons for the success of GNS tech are R&D and OEM/ODM services based on top priority for customer satisfaction. GNS tech provides various products to the market presenting new value, creative character, and unique design and function. The following are the company’s main design metal crafts:

Metallic ROBO smartphone holder “Mr.Mong” can be a unique home interior item with various poses available. With fine viewing angle adjustment, it is a stable smartphone holder and unique bookend at the same time. It is an environmentally friendly green product complying with ROHS.

Desktop-Metal-Crafts USB air purifier “M.frea” is a personal desktop device with 5-step air filtration and safe N-ion generation functions. It features fragrance diffuser and LCD display.

Desktop clock “ROBO CUBE” doubles as a memo holder. Made with aluminum, it weighs 650g. Various poses are possible.

ROBO HOLD is a premium memo holder that can be used as pencil holder and magnet holder. It has bendable arms and various poses are available. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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