Special Polymer & Super Fabric Products Safety goods

SOOWOO Co., Ltd., established in 2014, consists of highly experienced employees such as holders of Ph.D. degrees in polymer science, professors of universities and engineers who have worked in Special Polymer & Super Fabric Products for many years. Through exhaustive investigation into customers’ needs, the company has launched Super Fabric Safety goods that protect our bodies from dangerous and sharp materials with most convenience.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry SOOWOO’s thin and accurate Super Fabric Safety Gloves are lighter than conventional thick leather gloves or other super fabric gloves made by using our special weaving & polymer processing technology. They are easy to move each individual finger, like with bare hands. They are usable for all kinds of situations because of their light weight, convenience and strong protection. They have various applications such as for heavy duty industry, sharp & press machinery workers, construction, high temperature situations, and so forth.

Special-Polymer-&-Super-Fabric-Products-Safety-goods And, the company also provides the Super Fabric Towel & Scourer. Made with super fabric material, they have multiple merits of softness, stability & non-scratch requiring less effort and time than any other similar products. They wash rapidly with strong washing power within a short time.

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