Veterinary Medicines

Seoul Vet Pharma, founded in 1984, has developed and produces veterinary medicines, feed additives, etc.

Veterinary-Medicines Seoul Vet Pharma seeks to innovate for eco friendly stockbreeding to meet the growing needs for production of safe livestock products and green animal medicine, by working on the development of next-generation veterinary vaccines and herbal products extracted from natural substances. Natural substances for the Animal Medicine Research Laboratory in its head office have obtained patents for extraction procedures ranging from crude drugs, to processing, raw materials, method of manufacturing according to the dosage form, and usage. The company is also affiliated with leading institutes of universities. The company is equipped with the latest production system and acquired KVGMP, and so all products are manufactured according to the KVGMP. The company takes responsibility for the quality of the products from start to finish. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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