Birch Pillow

This is premium handmade pillow, made of 60% birch bark and 40% buckwheat hull, thus providing the effi cacy of natural birch bark aromas assisting headache relief, lowering bodily heat, containing anti-bacterial /anti-inflammatory properties, and improving blood circulation. For this reason, in birch country Finland, the birch bark head band is used to relieve headaches.

The pillow also has covers made of two layers of natural persimmon dyed Galchun cloth that keep oriental luxury and
elegant novelty for a long time without deformation even with frequent washing.

The sunlight, wind, and dew on Jeju Island make original natural persimmon dyed Jeju Galchun that has good air permeability, cool due to low thermal conductivity and resistance, so moisture does not stick to the cloth despite sweating. The persimmon extract acts as an antiseptic and so dyed cloth does not rot. In addition, there is anti bacterial activity for atopic dermatitis in Galchun cloth.

Birch-Pillow The birch pillow satisfies the five elements of a good pillow: materials to clear the brain, treatment for cool head and warm feet, neither too hard nor too soft, but comfortable feeling to rest one’s head on a rice bag, suitable pillow height (6 – 8 cm) and good ventilation (soft cott on, chemical fiber is not good breathability).

The birch pillow measures 42 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm and weighs 1.1 Kg. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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