Disposable Products for Surgeons

SoMyoung Medics is an innovative medical company focusing on developing disposable products for surgeons. The company’s leading product, VISCO Nasal Packing, is based on an innovative surface technology that significantly reduces adhesion, decreases healing time and prevents shedding or tearing. VISCO Packing material is highly absorbent and strong for safety and convenience. Double compressed for ease of insertion and can be trimmed for a custom fit. And, fine pores minimize the risk of tissues adhesion. Ultra-soft surface gives a patient maximum comfort. It is particularly suitable for delivering antibiotics at the surgical site.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry And VISCO Surgical Sponges are designed to provide more softness, gentleness, protection and absorbency. The unique sponge is a reliable tool for delicate surgery, including the most delicate keyhole micro neurosurgery. Visco allows for precise placement, unsurpassed ease of handling and maximum protection of vessels and nerves.


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