Iphone Case Cover & holder

Ttootta, established in 2013, has manufactured, distributed and sold “TTOOTTA” case which is self-developed. The TTOOTTA” case is versatile cradle-compatible case for Iphone that can be used as a navigation cradle and a camera tripod as well as smartphone protection from external impacts.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry In addition, it can work as a navigation cradle by inserting it into the CD player slot without external cradles, and it can also function as a camera tripod that allow you to take group photos, selfies and recording videos. On top of that, it is convenient for playing game, watching videos and surfing the internet as a cradle for smartphone. It is made with materials such as TPU and plastic.

Ttootta, a company which pursues positive changes in the world with small ideas, is doing its best to develop and supply the products that customers can rely on. It is continuing to work hard for product improvement and quality satisfaction without losing the original intention.


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