Jeju Mandarin Flowers Black Tea

PURUMEDA provides JejuMandairn Flower Scented Tea using carefully selected fresh and finest tea leaves by Purumeda’s self-developed patented method.

The Jeju Mandarin Flowers Tea is special tea blended mandarin flower with tea leaves for a mile taste and rich flavor.

Jeju-Mandarin-Flowers-Black-Tea – Black tea (Korea)60%, mandarin fl ower (Korea)20%, black tea (India)10%, hydrangea tea (Korea)10%
– 3g(1.5g X 2 tea bags), 7.5g(5 tea bags), 15g(10 tea bags)
– Use of 100% natural ingredients: sweetner-free, synthetic congener-free
– Soft and delicate flavor without bitterness with the use of high-quality young tea leaves
– Tea processed and made from a mixture of tea leaves and flower for black tea to contain a flavor of organic mandarin flower naturally
– Tea naturally harmonized with black tea and sweetness of natural mandarin flower
– Functional tea having rich fl avor satisfying various tastes of consumers
– Premium tea recognized by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Korean Intellectual Property Office
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