Korea Black Raspberry Juice

Korea Black Raspberry for “PURPLETREE” is harvested in a clean and uncontaminated region, Gochangin, in South Korea, which is designated by UNESCO for bio-protection.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry [Benefits of Korea Black Raspberry] The purple color fruits have anthocyanin which is a strong antioxidant and Korea Black Raspberry contains much more anthocyanin than grapes or blueberries do.

In addition, the Korea Black Raspberry has great amounts of vitamin B, C and higher content of polyphenol than wine.

[Natural Sweetness] PURPLETREE strives to place a high priority on people’s health by using only natural sugar– Muscovado which is the Philippine unrefi ned brown sugar made by sugarcane extract harvested by hand.


PURPLETREE products do not add a single drop of water or any preservatives using antibacterial bottles approved by the U.S. FDA. By blending 90% of Korea Black Raspberry and 10% of Muscovado, PURPLETREE drinks have clear and pure taste, without stickiness or a bitt er aftertaste off ering the flavors of nature and promoting health as well.

PURPLETREE is a specialized company for producing a premium level of natural juice using Korea Black Raspberry, which has long been loved by local consumers for its diverse efficacies such as slowing aging, stimulating hair growth, weight control, and prevention of adult disease together with good taste adding the natural sugar – Muscovado.

It sells in Lott e Department store in Korea.

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