Low-carbon Ondol Heating System

AOG System provides a low-carbon ondol (Korean underfloor heating system) system featuring the world’s best heating efficiency and eco-friendliness by using hot water heating technology, achieved through prefabricated panels, which improves heat radiation performance. The green technology construction material obtained the Europe CE certificate (Europe Standard Quality) for the first time in Korea’s dry-type ondol business field. Its energy-saving efficiency—35 percent more efficient than wet-type products— has been verified by a national certified testing agency.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry In addition, the ondol layer is 15mm-thick, the slimmest among the country’s dry-type heating systems. Therefore, when reaching the set temperature, it just requires 55 percent of energy, compared to that of wet-type Ondol.

AOG’s heating system adopts four hot water flow paths (four flow paths on the left and right), making an improvement to one direction hot water flow path. As a result, the heating energy efficiency has been increased by reducing water flow resistance.

Applications vary from dwelling houses, to dormitories, container buildings and commercial offices, facilities, etc.


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