New Material, Green PVC Woven Fabric Table Mat, Doormat, Note, Card Holder & Home Deco Blind

Morris Van Ampel is one of the brand names of design & home interior decoration company Mallow Space Inc. in South Korea. Especially the brand Morris Van Ampel uses the high-end unique technology material based on both human and industry’s needs professionally. Materials we use are also connected to Morris Van Ampel’s artistic design concept and functionalized design principle. The world approved materials has the value by obtaining the international certificates from Europe and the United States. All the products from Morris Van Ampel have differentiated value as beauty, function and safety. The products are made by the unique technology material which called “GREEN PVC Woven fabric.” This material has numerous advantages; non-Flammability, water proof, anti- bacteria, anti-microbial, anti-fungi, indoor air quality and nontoxic. The company’s material is all certifi ed within Europe and United State with international standard.

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