PVC-SOL for automotive air/oil filter

SAMBU CHEMICAL Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of PVCSOL for automotive air/oil filter, filter machines plant and glue injection pump. More than 10 major auto-filter manufacturers in China have used PVC glue of SAMBU CHEMICAL and car makers in Germany, Japan, South Korea and the USA use filter made by SAMBU PVC glue. The Korean company is steadily expanding the business throughout Asia and the Middle East including Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, etc.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry SAMBU’s PVC SOL for filters (Model no.:SB-30S) is a PVC plastic SOL-based adhesive and shows good strength to galvanized steel end cap plate to filter media in automotive air/oil filters. It has been formulated to give excellent flow-out, good initial tack, and good fusion and low oil extraction. The PVC SOL provides quick, easy and perfect whole inspection because of its turning yellow during heat curing. And it enables upside and downside to be baking adhered at a time due to no sag at curing. In addition, it features good waterproof and moisture resistance. It is mainly used as adhesive between galvanized steel plate and paper filter of automobile oil and air filter.


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