Red Bean Jelly

With the mission to make consumers’ lives happier, SAMSUNG FOOD, established in 1986, has been dedicated to developing and introducing tasty and nutritious confectionaries that can win hearts of customers. We are continuing our efforts in providing healthful foods, with wide and in-depth expertise accumulated for about 30 years. On that basis, SAMSUNG FOOD is engaged in producing various types of red bean jelly that are made by using pumpkin, pea, chestnut, grains (rice, barley, soybeans, millet), kyungokgo (Oriental restorative herb medicine) and red ginseng.

As one of the newest products, we have launched “San” red bean jelly to help relieve fatigue. We are doing all-out efforts in developing ‘well-being’ red bean jelly containing functional dietary fiber.

SAMSUNG will continue to reward customers’ trust with high-quality products made with heart-felt care and craftsmanship.

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