YS Magic Board

MST Magic Top Board consists of an HPL (high pressure laminate) and inorganic mineral panel, and it has been certified for fire retardant building materials and non-toxic gas flammable by the Korea Fire Institute of Industry & Technology (KFI). So it can be applied to interior finishing parts. The Magic Board has anti-fungal properties that offer a pleasant living environment. Its various classy and up-to-date designs offer a wide choice to customers. In terms of installation, it is very easy to work with double-sided tape and subsidiary accessories including joiner, enabling users to save costs by reducing working time.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry In addition, it has excellent waterproofing performance that makes it possible to extend Magic Top Board to a wide choice of applications.

Such excellent features as diverse designs, good quality properties and easy works on paneling of Magic Top Board provide excellent interior finishing work for both commercial and residential spaces.


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