Loess Ceramic Disposable Frying Pan

Disposable frying pan that is coated with yellow mud ceramic on thin aluminum plate by Sungchang’s own special technique can be widely used to cook all raw foods such as meat, fish, seafood and vegetables in the restaurant or at home as well as outdoors. This is the first product of its kind in the world. Sungchang has acquired the patent regarding its own ‘disposable frying pan’ and it expects the product to contribute to making our life and cooking better and convenient.

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– People can cook raw food on the pan above the fi re directly and food isn’t burned because of its instantaneous heating system.
– During heating, far infrared rays are emitt ed from the pan, which is good for health thanks to the yellow mud ceramic coated on pan.
– As the pan allows gravy to remain in the food, people can taste the original flavor.


– Material: thin aluminum plate for cooking (A1235-H18, t:40~70㎛)
– Surface: Yellow mud ceramic coated (t:6~10㎛)
– Size: Circle 2 kinds (Ø280,320mm), Roll type (300mm X 10m)
– Tensile stress: 14Kgf/mm2
– Extension rate: 1%
– Color: Orange
– Etc.: M.O.Q, size and color can be adjusted according to buyer’s request.

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