Lotus Leaf Tea & Noodles

Chunyun, established in 2011, specializes in researching the effectiveness of the lotus and lotus teas, noodles and soaps using lotus that are cultivated in its own lotus field. It continues to devote its efforts to the study and development of healthy foods using lotus that can appeal to people around the world.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry Lotus Leaf Tea Set for 4 Seasons: You can choose your favorite fl avor from diff erent herbs that are themed on four different seasons − lotus leaf+ lemon grass+stevia (for spring); lotus leaf+ rosemary + stevia (for summer); lotus leaf+chamomile+stevia (for autumn) and lotus leaf+ fennel seed (for winter). Whether you drink it hot or cold, you can still enjoy the rich savory lotus flavor, along with the following health benefits:
– Anti aging – grey hair turns into black hair (Dongeuibogam, Korea’s traditional medicine guide)
– Preventing diabetes – a research from Mokpo National University in South Korea
– Preventing obesity- a research from Mokpo National University in South Korea
– Improving concentration and calming mind for students and adults (Dongeuibogam)

Lotus-Leaf-Tea-&-Noodles Five Colored Healthy Lotus Noodle: The lotus leaf powder is added to five different colored foods: lotus leaves, sweet pumpkin, prickly pear, glutinous and brown rice, and black rice, which are beneficial by protecting liver, heart, stomach, lung and kidney.
– The fermented noodles retains the chewy taste longer and don’t easily get soggy.
– The noodle dish’s color will be special when mixing two or three diff erent noodles together.
– 400g*5ea=2kg/Box – Green lotus leaves + fermented noodles
– Red prickly pear + fermented noodles – Yellow sweet pumpkin + fermented noodles
– White glutinous and brown rice + fermented noodles – Black rice + fermented noodles

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