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November 2, 2015

[INQ. NO. 1510C41] Based on the recognition that bicycles contribute to the low-carbon, green growth of the economy, the number of the people cycling for leisure, well-being and commuting has been growing each year recently. Accordingly, as the demand for bicycles and bicycle accessories is on the rise, R-TECH has launched net cleat shoes, Cleex by applying its own patented technology, which helps maximize the efficiency of the physical exercise of bicycle riding. They also prevent falling down and offer low risk of accidents with a one-touch cleat solution. The Cleex featuring amazingly lighter pedals (200g) boasts the smallest weight ever on the market.

With one-stop attachment and detachment, the cleat shoes are easy to wear and install. They also provide good wearing feeling like general running shoes during walking without discomfort. Employing universal design, general users can wear them easily as MTB bike cleat shoes and Road bike cleat shoes. There is no need for a cleat cover as the cleat is hidden inside. In addition, the minimum distance from the pedal shaft to the sole optimizes the transmission of force.

Cleex-safety-MTB-&-Road-Bike-Shoes More than 90% of the domestic market is dominated by imported foreign brand bicycle shoes. With its newly developed Cleex, R-TECH intends to replace such foreign brands in the domestic market, and provide a base to advance into overseas markets, realizing diversification of the business lines in the long term. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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