Remanufactured Digital Laser Copier

Bosstech’s digital laser copier is eco-friendly and remanufactured by three steps according to where to repair. First, the process standardization productivity step improves the unit process based on product remanufacturing layout analysis. Second, exterior parts surface treatment technology enhances the painting process by developing ultrasonic cleaning systems. Lastly, optical parts cleaning technology optimizes optical parts cleaning equipment by cleaning optical components to create a checkpoint. Unlike defective products that are repaired only broken part, remanufactured products are literally reverted to the new product. The difference between remanufacturing and repair is that normally we repair or replace defective products, but Bosstech just cleans and reassembles the used machine. Also, it contributes to environmental protection since remanufacturing reduces waste and does not release the carbon dioxide, unlike the destruction process.


About the Company

As a leading company in the remanufacturing industry, BossTech Co. provides the best quality and service to maximize customers’ benefits, and has focused on preserving the environment since its establishment in 2008. Also, BossTech Co. has acquired patents from both the United States and Japan based on its remanufacturing technology. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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