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Material: Glass Melting Drying Shredding Max.
Temperature: 1,250 ℃
Hot Zone: 350 × 350 × 450 H
Temp. Control: 3 Zone PID Control
Main Heater (Furnace Chamber): MoSi2
SubHeater (Heating Discharge Pipe): Heat Wire
Insulation: Hi-Alumina Plate + Ceramic Board
Muffle: Alumina Tube ( to Protect Platinum Port )
Atmospheric Condition: N2, Ar
Loading: Front Loading Type
Others: Platinum Furnace External Heating Continuous Furnace Melting Furnace Vertical Lift Type
Materials: SiC Forming Product Sintering
Working Temp.: 2,000~2,400 ℃
Hot Zone: 1300(W) x 1200(H) x 1300(D)
Working Zone: 1100 (W) x 1000 (H) x 1100 (D)
Temp. Control: 4Zone P.I.D Control
Heater: Graphite Rod & Connector
Insulation: Graphite Rigid Felt
Sample Plate: Graphite Roller & Plate
Evacuation: MBP & Dry Pump
Atmosphere: N2, Ar
Loading: Front Loading Door
Others: Lift Car, PC Interface& HMI Module


Special-Purpose-Furnaces_1 Materials: Titanium Product Sintering
Working Temp.: 1,600 ℃
Hot Zone: 870x 990(H)
Working Zone: 550(W) x 550(H) x 550(D)
Temp. Control: 3Zone P.I.D Control
Heater: Moly Lanthanum, Twisted Wire Type
Insulation: Moly & SUS
Hot Zone Fixture: Moly, SUS & Ceramic Insulators
Sample Plate, Rod & Carrier: ML & TZM
Evacuation: DP+MBP+RP
Atmosphere: High Vacuum, N2, H2, Ar
Loading: Bottom Loading Door
Others: Partial Pressure Control

More Details
Origin: South Korea
M.O.Q: 1
Supply Ability: To be advised
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

About the Company

Since entering the vacuum furnace industry, starting with the imitating manufacture of imported vacuum furnaces, Thermvac has been walking a single path as a pioneer in developing domestically the production vacuum-furnaces, such as one step dewaxing/sintering furnace, gas pressure sintering furnace, multi-crystal ingot grower for solar cell and ceramic chemical vapor deposition reactors (SiC CVD), either on its own or through R & D projects assisted by the government. In the meantime, in 2007, it achieved its dream of re-exporting to developed countries’ markets, including Japan, and early in 2012, has moved its headquarters to a new factory in Whasung on a scale for manufacturing supersized production equipment.

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