Disinfectant for Medical instruments

OPIDEX OPA Solution is high-level disinfectant for broad spectrum of medical instruments, endoscopic instruments and devices that are contaminated by microbes or organic matters or applied directly to the subcutaneous tissue or mucus layers. The disinfection can be used for medical instruments or devices suspected to be contaminated by type B hepatitis virus.

Disinfectant-for-Medical-instrumentshttps://korean-products.com/inquiry It requires only 5 minutes disinfection (Tubercle bacillus basis at room temperature) for broad sterilized spectrum activities for bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses and fungi, etc.

There is no need for activation and dilution. With minimal odor, there is no irritation against the users or no damage for device. The disinfectant is thoroughly tested for safety and stability. Ingredient is Ortho-phthalaldehyde 0.55g per 100ml and appearance is transparent light blue liquid.

Applicable medical instruments and devices include surgical instruments and devices including endoscopes, lens-installed devices, anesthesia apparatus, ventilators, hemodialyzers, mess, or catheters; obstetrics and urological instruments and devices dental instruments, devices, and aid tools; thermometers and syringes, or other instruments and devices made of plastics or rubber that are not applicable for heat sterilization.

Storage: In the airtight container, at the temperature of 15~30°C
Packaging Units: 4L
Life Cycle: 24 months (After opening, for 75days(unused), or 14 days(used)

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