Organic & Maintenance-Free DIY Finish “Scandia Moss SM Panel”

SM Panel by Scandia Moss is Cladonia Stellaris which has been treated with minerals to achieve a dormant state. The SM Panel base plate is aluminum. A mesh layer is used in conjunction with formaldehyde-free liquid adhesive (meets IMO resolution A 1/3.18e “low flame-spread characteristics”) to provide a secure adhesion between the base plate and Scandia Moss Cladonia Stellaris. ‘Scandia Moss SM Panel’ will offer you endless possibilities in creating the interior design that you have always wanted. With ease of installation and zero maintenance, the limit of your personal wall art has no boundaries.
100% Organic, Functional & Maintenance-Free
Fire Safe (NS-EN ISO 11925-2)
Harmful Substance Removal & Deodorization (JEM 1467)
Acoustic Insulation (KS F 2805)

Since 2008, Teraria Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to realizing the balance between humans and Nature and is specialized in manufacturing functional interior wall finish & decor products with special preserved Moss to restore the modern environmental pollution and its effects.

Organic-&-Maintenance-Free-DIY-Finish-“Scandia-Moss-SM-Panel” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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