NATURNIC_Smart Folding Dish Rack(SFD-20)

Multipurpose Hanger

As a multipurpose hanger that you can hang cutting board, wine glass and kitchen tools, can be hung it anywhere in the left or right

Spoon holder

A large size spoon holder that can do a separate storage by use can be installed in both the left / right of the dish rack
Upper body

Easy to store various plates safely

Lower body

Can store rice bowl, soup bowl, and a large dish, enables to dry a frying pan and a large pot with a handle.


Drain is easy in any direction, enables to make 360-degree rotation and length adjustment

*Specification : 20.5′(W) X 14.7′(D) X 15.4′(H)

*Material : Stainless, ABS

*Country of origin : Made in Korea

*Manufacturer : Naturnic Co., Ltd. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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