“Bulgasari,” an Organic Calcium Fertilizer for Plant Growth

Best Products from Chungbuk, Korea

[INQ. NO. 1511C12] Bulgasari is organic calcium fertilizer for enhancing plant growth. The main ingredient is inorganic calcium extracted from starfish.

For the past 20 years, FM AGTECH has been fully dedicated to manufacturing the best organic calcium fertilizer for plants, building a strong reputation and trust for its reliable quality among Korean farmers, and it is also being exported to Japan, China and Vietnam.

Bulgasari’s organic calcium is the most suitable form for the nature of plants and so it can be absorbed fast without side effects and it helps plants to develop resistance against the external environment.http://korean-products.com/inquiry

When a plant’s structure is poor or it is getting weak, you just have to add this organic calcium fertilizer “Bulgasari.” It will solve the fundamental problems with plant growth.

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