Hangover Cure

[INQ. NO. 1511C02] Cheonggyewon Inc. is one of the main suppliers of fresh eggs to department stores, supermarkets (E-mart, GS), convenient stores in South Korea, and it also exports them to Hong Kong and Singapore. Making good use of the experience, it is striving to take on new challenges, expanding the business into not only jerky and hangover beverage items, but also other agricultural food stuffs.

http://korean-products.com/inquiryPeople in Korea, especially after drinking, have enjoyed eating the bean sprout soup called Haejangguk. Since Haejangguk contains plenty of Asparaginic acid, it works to rapidly eliminate the hangover-causing chemical, Acetaldehyde.ASPA CARE is a natural hangover recovery beverage which is rich in Asparaginic acid extracted from bean sprouts.

* How to use: Take within one hour before or after drinking alcohol.

Hangover-CurePYEONANTA is made of the extracts of tea, seeds of grapefruit and natural resources. It drastically reduces the hangover symptoms like headache, thirst, drowsiness, feelings of listlessness and concentration problems, etc. If you drink too much alcohol, the disintegration of acetaldehyde takes a long time. The residual acetaldehyde in the liver is the reason for hangover symptoms like headache and thirst. To cure the hangover, the blood alcohol level and acetaldehyde concentration must be lowered. If you add the PYEONANTA into your alcoholic beverage, the ADH and ALDH will be activated, and then acetaldehyde, the main cause of a hangover will be metabolized fast into acetic acid, water and CO₂. Therefore the next day’s morning hangover will be significantly reduced.

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